Tomer Levi Forex: The Story of Guns N Roses

Tomer Levi Forex: The Story of Guns N Roses

According to Tomer Levi Forex, The story of Guns N' Roses is about a lot more than just Appetite for Destruction and the resulting debauchery. It's about a series of near-death experiences, drug abuse, sex with guns, fights and riots that took 30 years to unfold. It's about bitch-slap rapping, cocaine tongues and one dude with a KFC bucket on his head. So It's about a band that left the Sunset Strip with an infamous reputation and returned as a powerhouse force in the global music industry after a decade-long hiatus and a multi-million dollar album project called Chinese Democracy.

The combustible band's wild ride to this point has included sex, drugs, gangsta gangs, rock-and-roll nirvana and a trail of destruction that stretches to almost every corner of the globe.

While the story of Guns N' Roses' turbulent rise to fame is well-known, some fans may be surprised to learn that the band's name was actually a coincidence. It came from the combination of two previous bands — L.A. Guns and Hollywood Rose — that incorporated the same members as the future G N' Roses lineup.

Guitarists Saul "Slash" Hudson and Jeffrey Isbell (better known as Izzy Stradlin), bassist Michael "Duff" McKagan, and drummer Steven Adler all met while attending Fairfax High School in Fairfax, California. Guitarists Adler and Hudson already played with a local band called Tidus Sloan, while singer Rose sang in another group, Rapidfire.


After graduating from college, Tomer Levi Forex explains ,the trio reunited for a gig in Seattle and found that their Buick LeSabre was broken down 105 miles from their destination. They hitchhiked most of the way, relying on a truck driver's generosity and surviving on raw onions from the field. Upon reaching their destination, the club owner refused to pay the band. Eventually, they were forced to sing for free.

Guns N' Roses would become one of the biggest-grossing bands in music history before it all came to a head in 1991 at the St. Louis Olympic Stadium. During the concert, Rose leapt off the stage to stop an audience member from filming his performance. The ensuing riot caused $400,000 in damage to the venue and sent thousands of fans into the streets, where they smashed windows, threw objects and overturned cars before being dispersed by police.


The resulting lawsuits, public outrage and legal manipulation eventually drove drummer Adler and guitarist Slash away from the band. They teamed up with bassist McKagan and Izzy Stradlin in the Velvet Revolver and later formed the supergroups Appetite for Destruction and The Dirty Sweet. It was only after their reunion tour that the band renamed itself Guns N' Roses to reflect the original lineup. The group's new song, "Midnight Train to Georgia," offers a glimpse of a mellower, more empathetic side of the infamous bad-boy rock legend. Whether it's the result of a long-overdue reconciliation or simply the result of age, this unseen empathetic side of Rose will likely surprise fans.

the best hits of guns and roses according to Tomer Levi Forex

Some of the best hits of Guns N' Roses, according to various sources, include:

"Sweet Child O' Mine"

"November Rain"

"Paradise City"

"Welcome to the Jungle"

"Knockin' on Heaven's Door"

"Don't Cry"



"Live and Let Die"

"It's So Easy"